Countries are channeling their efforts to transition to green energy

Everyone is keen to observe whether the new US president Joe Biden will grant his promises concerning the $2 trillion Green New Deal. Other countries are pushing themselves to ensure that they demonstrate their efforts towards the zero-emissions target. The following countries are proving their efforts in the shift to clean energy. 

Spain, through its prime minister Pedro Sánchez, is pioneering this race. The country is leading the European countries in this switch to renewable energy. The Spanish government gave out €27 billion to support this program in the upcoming €750 billion renewable energy project.

The Spain government stated that their vision is to replant over 20000 hectares with trees and salvage close to 50000 hectares of land in the decarbonization plan. Additionally, renewable energy will expand to realize the net-zero emissions plan. Furthermore, Spain is implementing the EU climate change plans by discouraging coal, oil, and natural gas consumption. The country is planting more onshore wind energy at a faster rate than other European countries.

Next is Asia’s South Korea, which has been on the radar for leading in carbon emissions. The country decided to make a turnaround by investing $61 billion in the Green New Deal. This move will help the country switch to renewable energy in the next three decades. The country’s president Moon Jae-in emphasized that his administration will be working to minimize their subservience to coal and find new employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

The Green New Deal will ensure that over 230000 buildings install green energy systems to facilitate the running of their electric vehicles. Additionally, this move will enable the upgrade of renewable energy to 42.7 GW. Furthermore, funds will be entering the real estate programs to ensure they realize net-zero emissions. The government added that they will be installing over 5 million households with clean energy to increase energy efficiency. Micro-grids will be running within a short distance to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles. 

In Latin America, Uruguay is among the leading pioneers in shifting to clean energy. Two decades ago, the was generating a third of its electricity from oil. The change in leadership facilitated the current transition to cheap renewable energy. In conclusion, Kenya is witnessing a shift to renewables. The country has numerous sources of renewable energy, including hydropower and solar energy. Additionally, the country obtains a considerable quantity of its electricity from geothermal plants.