Germany’s regulatory measures on exports impede Mynaric’s deployment of the new communication technology in China

Mynaric will suspend its deployment of the laser communication technology in China after Germany imposing a halt in the influx of this technology to China. Mynaric was hoping to test this technology in China with a Chinese spacecraft before the Germany government intervened and suspended any technology exportation, terming it as intellectual property. Mynaric called for indemnity from the government for halting its income-generating operation. The firm is currently calculating the compensation that it will demand from the government.

The CEO of Mynaric, Bulent Altan, reiterated that laser technology is now part of the government assets that it hopes the other nations cannot access it. He added that they are working out with the government on how they can utilize the data without infringing the stipulated regulations. Paul Cornwell, the spokesperson of Mynaric, explained that they are evaluating how they can reach out to the customers with their services after developing the first Condor terminal for testing the efficiency of this technology.

The laser terminals’ advantage is that they can transfer data from one spacecraft to another or from a spacecraft to the control center at the terrestrial site. This new technology will supersede the radio frequency technology, which was in operation. This new technology is also more secure than the standard radio frequency technology since it uses short optical links to transfer data.

Mynaric is now considering selling the nee technology to the government and the defense department, especially in the United States, because they have the resources to test it quickly. Mynaric announced that its facility in the US has already sold the technology to another company waiting for its performance before introducing it in America’s space industry.

Mynaric’s US facility explained that York Space System and Lockheed Martin are developing low-Earth orbit satellites, which will test this technology before entering explicit contracts with the utility. The best part of the laser technology will be installed in Germany’s space systems before advancing it by selecting the best markets with reliable customers.

Finally, Mynaric is expanding its operations in Europe and the US by recruiting more engineers and technicians after the firm viewing the potential of the technology to sell and replace the traditional technology. With new customers applying for the services of Mynaric, the firm will be recording its first highest revenue since its introduction to space technology.