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Powder Coatings Market to showcase significant growth over 2020-2025

Powder Coating Market growth will be driven by increasing remodeling activities will expand the decorative and architectural sector. Powder coatings are valued for its low ecological impact owing to which it is widely used in a variety of applications namely, architectural, appliances, general industry, automotive, ACE, and furniture.

Factors such as rising per capita income, consumer preferences for high performance products along with advancements in technology are responsible for the powder coating market expansion. Formulation and implementation of favorable policies by regional governments to reduce consumption of volatile organic compounds will boost the product demand. For instance, in 2017, national standards were revised by Chinese government to lower VOC emission across automotive industry.

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Rapid expansion of distribution network by key manufacturer is also likely to influence market development. Consumer consumption patterns and expectations in different regions are important factors to assess the powder coating market demand. The workforce in this business regularly acts as influencers in debates between the manufacturers and retailers. Wholesale suppliers often procure products from manufacturers and distribute them to specialty shops and hardware stores.

Thermoset resin is anticipated to witness the fastest growth up to 2025, owing to UV resistance, superior mechanical properties, and exceptional durability. The increasing usage of automobile components, such as door handles, wipers, metallic structural component, horns, radiator grills, wheel rims, and bumpers, will drive the powder coating market growth.

Automotive & transportation component applications accounted for over 16% of revenue share in 2018. Increasing preference among automotive manufacturers owing to cost benefits, corrosion resistance and enhanced aesthetic appearance triggering powder coating market growth. Additionally, the necessity to avoid corrosion in rims, door handles and under hood components will spur product application scope. Increasing demand for resilient texture and improved aesthetics in high performance cars is also likely to spur product sales.

Non-metal substrates accounted for over USD 530 million in 2018. Nonmetal substrate is gaining traction owing to introduction of low weight specialized platforms such as Medium-density-Fiberboard (MDFD). The segment growth will also be driven by functional advancements such as durability, scratch resistance, gloss retention, and chalking resistance. Additionally, products with low curing capabilities has further intensified application scope in heat sensitive and nonmetal substrates which will indirectly support the powder coating market growth.

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Asia Pacific dominated the powder coating market in 2018 owing to significant development of automotive and construction sector in China, India, and Japan. Other factors contributing to regional growth include the low labor rates and abundance of skilled workforce. This enables the industry participants in this region to retail their products in the international market at competitive prices. Growing demand for home appliances with the increasing disposable income specifically in urban areas fueled industry growth.

The powder coatings market is highly competitive in nature with presence of key companies including Jotun, AkzoNobel NV, Axalta coating systems LLC, and PPG Industries Inc. Strategies implemented by key industry players include product launches, production capacity expansion, strategic partnerships & collaborations, and R&D investments. For instance, in April 2015, Jotun announced that it will increase its production capacity in Dammam to meet the growing demand. This initiative will strengthen Jotun’s position and will allow the company to further expand its commitment to offer sustainable solutions.

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Global Powder Coatings Market Analysis by Product Type, Applications, Company Profile 2020

Powder Coatings Market The global Powder Coatings market report offers an understanding of the dynamics, growth aspects, and functioning of the global Powder Coatings market. The report evaluates the market over the years with a comprehensive study. The Powder Coatings market assessment puts forth all-inclusive data that enriches the scope, understanding, and application of this report. Further, it provides the market competition landscape along with a thorough assessment of the key players (American Powder Coatings, RPM International, 3M, Masco, Erie Powder Coatings, Trimite Powders, Vogel Paint, Hentzen Coatings, IFS Coatings, Axalta (Dupont), Midwest Industrial Coatings (MICI), Sherwin-Williams, Valspar Corporation, TIGER Drylac, Cardinal Paint,Nortek Powder Coating, Akzonobel, PPG Industries) in the market.

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The report highlights the profiles of the major manufacturers/vendors including an in-depth evaluation of the production technology, market share, revenue forecasts, market entry strategies, and so on. Moreover, several analytical tools such as SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, investment return analysis, and feasibility study have been implemented to evaluate the growth strategies and opportunities of the leading players active within the Powder Coatings market.

The global Powder Coatings market research report also puts forth a wide-ranging assessment of the factors and latest trends that have the potential to influence the growth graph and dynamics of the global Powder Coatings market during the forecast period. Furthermore, it entails a systematic study of possible forecast trends and market growth predictions for the upcoming years.

Powder Coatings Market Competition by Key Players/Top Manufacturers:

American Powder Coatings, RPM International, 3M, Masco, Erie Powder Coatings, Trimite Powders, Vogel Paint, Hentzen Coatings, IFS Coatings, Axalta (Dupont), Midwest Industrial Coatings (MICI), Sherwin-Williams, Valspar Corporation, TIGER Drylac, Cardinal Paint,Nortek Powder Coating, Akzonobel, PPG Industries, among others.

(Note: Other players might be added upon your request)

The report also specifies the computed expected CAGR of the global Powder Coatings market rooted in the earlier and current records in relation to the market. Apart from this, it also presents a pin-point analysis for the altering competitive dynamics that aids in recognizing the key products/services and their development potential during the projected period.

Key parameters which define the competitive landscape of the Global Powder Coatings Market:

  • Product Sales
  • Company Profile
  • Product Pricing Models
  • Sales Geographies
  • Distribution Channels
  • Profit Margins
  • Industry evaluation for the market contenders

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The report’s aim bifurcated the global Powder Coatings market based on segments and sub-segments taking into consideration their previous and forecast growth trends.

Analysis of Global Powder Coatings Market: By Type

Thermoset Powder Coating, Thermoplastic Powder Coating

Analysis of Global Powder Coatings Market: By Application

Indoor Application, Outdoor/Architectural Application, Automotive Industry, Appliance & Housewares, Others

Some of the Major Highlights of TOC covers in Powder Coatings Market Report:

Chapter 1: Scope & Methodology of Powder Coatings Market;

Chapter 2: Executive Summary of Powder Coatings Market;

Chapter 3: Powder Coatings Industry Insights;

Chapter 4: Powder Coatings Market, By Region;

Chapter 5: Company Profile;

Chapter 6: to show competition and trade situation of Powder Coatings Market;

Chapter 7: to show a comparison of applications;

Chapter 8: to display a comparison of types;

Chapter 9: to present investment of Powder Coatings Market;

Chapter 10: to forecast Powder Coatings market in the upcoming years.

Further, the key market regions are also included within the report along with their growth scope and the key patterns influencing the expansion of the global Powder Coatings market. The report comprises quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of the market relating to each region and nation entailed in the evaluation.

  • North America (the U.S., Canada, and Mexico)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia)
  • Europe (Spain, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, and UK)
  • Asia-Pacific (Japan, Korea, India, China, Australia, and South-east Asia)
  • The Middle East and Africa (Egypt, South Africa, GCC Countries)

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COVID-19 Outbreak Analysis on Global Powder Coatings Industry

The unexpected appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to have a potential impact on the overall growth of the market in upcoming years. Thus, the report will be having a dedicated section discussing all the parameters related to the impact of COVID-19 on the regional and global markets.

This Powder Coatings report will also serve as a perfect depiction of the latest innovative and expansions technological progress for our clients giving them the liberty to improve their decision-making skills. This, in turn, will eventually assist to work with reliable business alternatives and implement several approaches for business growth.

What to expect from Global Powder Coatings Market report:

– Centered Study on Strategy, Development & Perception Scenario

– Global Top 10 Companies Share Analysis in Powder Coatings Market

– Achieve strategic insights on competitor information to develop powerful R&D moves

– Identify emerging players and create effective counter-strategies to cross the competitive edge

– Identify crucial and various product types/services offering provided by major players for Powder Coatings market growth

And many more…

Note: To provide a more accurate market forecast, all our reports will be updated before delivery taking into account the effects of COVID-19.

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